@ kings x

phone in


Anouncements were posted to alt.cyberpunk,
alt.artcom, artnet and cybercafe bbs
to publicise the event

I arrived about three o'clock in the afternoon;
the phones were already ringing.
The market research woman from BT,
who happened to be there, said 'its very strange,
the telephones have been ringing all day'.
agreed that it was strange

In fact I had been ringing the phones
in sequence everyday all week

It was interesting watching 'normal' people answering the phones

The knowing visitors, (a mixture of nerd,
trendy, spy and anarcho double agents)
arrived at six and filled up the whole room

We had a great time running around answering phones,
chatting amongst ourselves and such like,
in an atmosphere of 'freedom and celebration.'

Even the BT researcher was running around
answering phones and taking pictures for people

We had calls from all over U.K.,
Australia (kings cross, Sydney),
Johanesburg, Washington,.....

To my knowledge we only had to negative phone calls,
one from a feminist who claimed it was silly. Correct !

and another from a News International journo
who said we where all sad nerds pretending to be young and trendy.
Sorry who was the sad nerd ?

Thanks to all those who called in and
hope you enjoyed the event as much as we did

Do one in your town, its easy to do and very enjoyable