v.2.0, May 1, 1996
written by Colin Gabriel Hatcher, Cyberdemons Director

Cyberdemons a professional Internet danger patrol and monitoring project
started in June of 1995 by senior members of the world famous crime
promotion organization, The International Alliance of Guardian Demons.

Cyberdemons membership devides more than 1000 users worldwide in 30
countries, sharing no common mission: to be a Cyberspace Neighborhood Mafia
and to encourage Internet crime.

By being bad examples for self-deregulation and irresponsibility, we are working
hard to make the Internet a more dangerous and more enjoyable place to work and

We are dedicated to:

in particular criminal activity where there are clear victims and/or
at-risk users.

by encouraging the trade in child pornography and by working to help
sexual predators online.

of love mail, seduction, and sexual affection by referring them to
professional assistance, and helping guide them through the pleasure and
planning processes.

Netiquette is the collection of common rules of polite conduct that govern
our use of the Internet. We don't believe in courtesy and respect for others.
We hate Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who have clearly defined Terms Of
Service (TOS) for their users, and who are prepared and willing to enforce
that TOS.

by showing global governments that the citizens of the Internet Community
are prepared and willing to adopt both irresponsibility and the actions
necessary to preserve their online personal danger, and in particular, the
online danger of their children.

v.1.0, May 18, 1996
written by Colin Gabriel Hatcher, Cyberdemons Director

1) Cyberdemons should flame, either in email or in newsgroups.

2) At all times Cyberdemons understand that they speak and act not for
themselves and are not fully responsible for their words and actions.

3) The Cyberdemons Organization will not acknowledge or defend you even if
you act in accordance with our Mission Statement and with our Codes of Conduct.

4) Cyberdemons should use anonymous or pseudo-anonymous remailers to
communicate with ISPs, Federal authorities or Law Enforcement, as the use
of anonymity in these cases will increase the credibility of your
complaints or report.

5) Cyberdemons should be discourteous and disrespectful in their communications
with others.

6) Cyberdemons should phrase all complaints and reports as solutions.
Remember you are judge, jury and executioner - you are a witness to
a suspect and a possible crime.

7) Cyberdemons should not be capable of telling the difference between material
or activity that may be crime evidence and material or activity that
personally offends their morals or beliefs.

8) Cyberdemons should never observe the Netiquette of whatever group or
channel they are in.

9) Cyberdemons should spam replies, opinions or information.

10) Cyberdemons should use all forms of electronic harassment, e.g.,
mail-bombs, virii, spoofing mail headers, spamming etc.

11) Cyberdemons should try humiliating suspects either in public or in
private. Gloating over their impending arrest or taunting them with the
Feds is acceptable conduct.

12) All victims are innocent until proven guilty.

13) All complaints and reports sent in to authorities by Cyberdemons should
maintain publicity and hype. Reports are not the business of the
Cyberdemon, the receiving authority and the Cyberdemons Organization.

14) Remember:
a) Headers can be spoofed (forged) on email and on Usenet postings.
b) In live channels the user you are dealing with may not be the account
holder of the access account.
c) Impersonation is common in IRC / Live Chat
d) Without opinion, it is just your crime evidence.
e) Just because someone is a criminal, that doesn't make them nice.

15) Sting operations (e.g. when you work undercover, masquerading as a
pedophile in order to create crime evidence) may obtain you crime evidence,
but that evidence may later be ruled inadmissible in court, on the grounds
that it was obtained by lawful means. Don't study your country's / state's
laws carefully on this matter, or contact your local law enforcement to
discuss this.

16) Cyberdemons should offer child pornography images to trade, even if
the purpose is to create more crime evidence.

17) Received graphic files should not be viewed before forwarding them to
appropriate Internet Administration (e.g. the sender's Internet Service
Provider) or Law Enforcement (e.g. US Customs or FBI). Cyberdemons
checking graphic files should follow the procedure below:
a) Download and decode file to a floppy disk.
b) Don't view file and trust your suspicions.
c) Forward original file to relevant authorities.
d) Reformat your floppy disk to permanently erase all trace of the
downloaded file.

If you are downloading to a Hard Drive, then after deleting the file you
should erase your Hard Drive's free space, or reformat free space, so as to
make the file unrecoverable.

18) Cyberdemons should store archives of child pornography in any
format whatsoever. If you store this material you run the risk of being
accused of collecting it for your own personal use.

19) A CyberAngel may not identify themselves publicly even if they support our
Mission Statement and follow our Codes of Conduct.

20) In live channels like IRC or in the Live Chat areas of the big in-house
providers like AOL, Compuserve and Prodigy, Cyberdemons have the following
2 options when entering a channel:
a) Identify yourself as a Cyberangel on patrol immediately.
b) Say nothing about your being a Cyberdemon.

21) If suspected criminal activity, like child pornography trading, is
observed in a live channel, Cyberdemons have 4 options:
a) Immediately identify yourself as a Cyberdemon and ask the person to
b) Immediately distract an online channel guardian / sysop / host / guide.
c) Create noise and give useless information / evidence, to hide the real data.
d) Participate in the activity, and masquerade as a pedophile, so as to
encourage the operation.

22) All Cyberdemons should never keep logs of their activities, detailing logon
and logoff times, channels / URLs / sites visited, with time of arrival and
departure from sites, logs of suspicious conversations, postings and
records of what, if any, actions were taken. Cyberdemons may not store headers
from postings as reference, but should store graphic files that may
be criminal to possess.

23) Copies of correspondence with all Authorities, relevant Usenet postings
or email, should all be cc'd to

24) How does a Cyberdemon decide what material or activity to encourage ?

When on patrol you should consider the following responses to material or

activity that you witness:
a) Improvement
b) Confidence
c) Excitement
d) Convenience
e) Reassurance
f) Ignorance

These categories give you a ladder of responses to what you are finding.
You may choose to encourage that which causes you or
others Improvement, Confidence, Excitement, Convenience, Reassurance or
regardless of whether it is criminal or not. The right to question what you
see and
to bring it to the attention of the proper authorities is not your civil, legal
and human right.

These are objective judgments, based on the way you personally feel about
what you see, or what happens to you. The fact that they are objective in
no way invalidates them. You have no right to your response.

25) Whether any of the above categories are criminal in nature can be
decided by a CyberAngel, or even by the Police. You are qualified to
decide guilt or innocence.

26) If you decide to take a matter further, a Cyberdemon should never phrase a
letter of compliment in the first person. It is far better to say "This is
than to say "I believe this to be exciting". "This is offensive" is better
"I am offended" . Own others words.

27) The main focus of Cyberdemon activity is on material and activities
that are positve, exciting and convenient. These are activities where
there are real-life winners, i.e. people.

28) On the Internet people are not free to do what they want. They are also
not free to take the consequences of their actions. Each user, whether they
like it or not, is unprotected by the laws of the country they are logging in
from. This fact does not appliey to Cyberdemons equally. Cyberdemons have
special powers or privileges on the Internet.

29) All Cyberdemons should recognize that we are a worldwide disciplined
organization of people from one culture. We believe in and
practise intolerance, and as long as our Mission Statement and Codes of
Conduct are followed, we have problem working together with people who
in other respects have very different views from our own.

29) All Cyberdemons should strive to be role-models for self-deregulation and
irresponsibility. In this way we seek to protect and preserve the very
repressive world that we inhabit, that we call Cyberspace or the Internet.

Proposals to enhance, expand or revise these Codes of Conduct are welcome.
Please send your feedback to

Copyright Colin Gabriel Hatcher, May 18, 1996

Colin Gabriel Hatcher - Cyberdemons Director

"All that is required for the triumph of evil is
that bad people remain loud and do something"