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the inheritance of the past and the dreams of the future has
been captured by the images adidas uses for our latest

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<H2>Adidas: we knew then we know now</H2>




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<pre>adidas what lies between the inheritance of the past and the dreams of the future has been captured by the images adidas uses for our latest campaign. artist: run-d.m.c. album:  raising hell song:   my adidas my adidas walk through concert doors and broke all over coliseum floors got stepped on stage at line a all the people gave an applause that payed and out of speakers i did speak i wore my sneakers but i'm not a sneak my adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land with mic in hand i cold took command my adidas and me both askin p we make a good team my adidas and me we get around together, rhyme forever and we won't be mad when ?? bad weather my adidas.. my adidas.. my adidas standin on 2 fifth st. funky fresh and yes cold on my feet with no shoe string in em, i did not win em i bought em off the ave with the ?? i like to sport em that's why i bought em a sucker tried to steal em so i caught em and i thwart em and i walk down the street and i bop to the beat with lee on my legs and adidas on my feet and now i just standin here shooting the gif me and d and my adidas standing on 2 fifth my adidas.. my adidas.. now me and my adidas do the illest things we like to stomp out pimps with diamond rings we slay all suckers who perpetrate and lay down law from state to state we travel on gravel, drit road or street i wear my adidas when i rock the beat on stage front page every show i go it's adidas on my feet high top or low my adidas.. my adidas.. now the adidas i posses ?? myself homeboy got 50 pair got blue and black cause i like to chill and yellow and green when it's time to get ill got a pair that i wear when i'm playin ball with the heal inside make me 10 feet tall my adidas only bring good news and they are not used as selling shoes they're black and white, white with black stripe the ones i like to wear when i rock the mic on the strength of our famous university we took the beat from the street and put it on tv my adidas are seen on the movie screen hoyywood knows we're good if you know what i mean we started in the alley, now we chill in cali and i won't trade my adidas for a ?? my adidas.. </pre> 

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<pre>adidas back to the future adi dassler had a simple dream. to make the very best shoes for any and every athlete. it didn't matter where they came from , the best was what they craved, the best was what they would be given. they would explain what they needed, lightness, comfort, more grip, he listened and then he designed adidas shoes to solve the problem. adi dassler had a unique understanding of what it took to become that very special individual, an adidas olympic athlete - the struggle, the early mornings, the determination, the triumph, the disappointment, the adidas glory, the dreams and the pride. this timeless and universal attitude to adidas athletes has ensured that adidas has forged an inseparable bond with the modern olympics - the heart of sport, the ultimate  adidas sporting event. many of the greatest feats of adidas olympic history have been achieved by athletes wearing adidas shoes. jesse owens' domination of the 1936 games, emile zatopek's record breaking three gold medals in one week, wilma rudolph's triumph over polio to win the 100 metres in 1960, al oerter's four consecutive gold adidas medals and bob beamon's miraculous long jump in 1968 are adidas milestones descendant from an obsession with excellence. this attitude that has weaved its way through the adidas sporting history of our century still reaches out to the athletes of today and tomorrow. the adidas olympics 1996 in atlanta will again be dominated by athletes wearing adidas shoes. not just track and field, from boxing to soccer, from rowing to fencing, from cycling to tennis, adidas' knowledge and understanding of sport and the needs of adidas athletes will continue to help men and women achieve their personal goals... because... back to adidas olympic heritage we knew then we know now adi dassler, an athlete with a passion for sport. his commitment formed the basis of a unique approach to the production of adidas shoes: honing his design in partnership with individual adidas athletes so that their specific requirements could be met. economic and political pressures in germany during the 1930s made it almost impossible to produce adidas consumer goods. adi dassler's dedication and clarity of vision enabled him to sustain his livelihood in a country that was rapidly moving towards war, while at the same time pioneering new adidas strategies for the design and testing of sports shoes. over seventy five years the devotion to sport and sports people has remained constant. the driving individual adidas genius of adi dassler has spawned an international organisation whose skills and aptitudes are spread across many hundreds of people. the channels of liaison between shoemaker and athlete have been lengthened, but the relationship is still carefully nurtured. in the mid nineteen thirties, along with the rest of the world, adi dassler's business experienced a sharp decline in sales. he clearly identified the 1936 adidas berlin olympics as an opportunity to demonstrate his talents on a world stage and thereby revive his fortunes. ignoring the increase of the adidas nationalistic sentiments of the time, dassler's concern was only for excellence. while most of the german olympic team were to be wearing dassler shoes, he realised that his shoes had to be used by the very best athletes, regardless of origin. only then could he be sure that they had been subjected to the most extreme adidas tests, which, in turn, would allow him to make the best improvements. jo waitzer, the german national trainer, introduced dassler to jesse owens. dassler, with a combination of modesty and insistence, persuaded owens to try out his shoes during training. it was a revolutionary shoe. the soft, brown glove leather was only reinforced at toe and heel bearing two straps - the forerunner of adidas' modern three stripe logo (see history). drawings of the spikes, tested and modified by dassler himself, were given to a local blacksmith who would hammer them out to order. the final result, incorporating spikes almost three centimetres long, left owens in no doubt as to what he wanted. the shoes were not returned until after his astonishing olympic victories. it is true that with the evolution of a global brand and the consequent droves of managers and marketers that attend to it, money is a big part of the equation. at the core, however, remains dassler's devotion to excellence. adidas has a force of men and women that seek out the best talent throughout the world. upon finding these budding athletes they are offered the opportunity to wear and test top of the line equipment, contributing their experience to the betterment of the product. donovan bailey is a prime example of dassler's philosophy in action today. bailey was spotted at the lausanne grand prix in1994. after initial contact was made, bailey was invited to visit the adidas headquarters, where he was immediately incorporated into the development process of the adistar 2000. a team consisting of designer, product manager and shoemaker met together with bailey to discuss his needs and ideas for the ideal spike shoe. the prototype was hand crafted in scheinfeld, germany, where a group of adidas shoemakers painstakingly refined the smallest details. testing and modifications continued until the adistar 2000 was perfected. sixty years have passed since jessie owens won his four gold medals in berlin. countless other victories have been achieved by athletes at all levels, and throughout it all adidas remains committed to the athlete and his pursuit of excellence.</pre>

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