The Server

The server delivers the audio stream to the internet.
For static files, you only require a webserver.
For live streaming you will need to configure your server appropriately.

A server is a computer running server OS platforms like Windows NT or Unix or 
Linux. It 'serves' content for the Internet. 
To turn your server into an audio server for streaming live audio/visual material 
you need to install RealAudio Server software. If you are content with providing 
archived material you do not need a RealAudio server. An ordinary http server 
will do.
Here is a list of RealAudio Server software, free, and downloadable from
	Basic Server G2
	These are the earlier versions:-
	RealSystem 5.0
   	If you can not afford your own audio server you can arrange for the use of one
    with an ISP.

The number of people who can pick up your stream will depend on the network bandwidth
that your server is attached to.

Network Requirements
  Depending upon the level of compression, a single stream of RealAudio requires 
  10-80 kb per second. The better the connection, the more streams for listeners 
  to pick up simultaneously.
            Examples of network requirements:
         Connection:                 Stream Capacity:
       56 kbps frame relay             4 streams
       ISDN BRI Service             5-10 streams
        T1 Connection                100 streams
        T3 Connection              3,000 - 4,000 streams