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RACHEL BAKER  - Network artist and Webcast engineer.

In the last century Rachel Baker attended various art institutions 
including Newport School of Art and Design, and Goldsmiths
College, in pursuit of an appropriate medium of expression.

Having worked in Radio, the Internet emerged offering
all sorts of seductions, distractions and procurements.

Since 1997 Rachel Baker has behaved like a net.artist, 
specialising in techniques used in contemporary marketing to
gather and distribute data for the purposes of data control
and building network infrastructures.

Radio is still a crucial factor in the story and combined
with streaming media (, it forms a key area of 
activity. projects  include a magazine 
called TMSelector aswell as webcasting with pioneers such as 
Backspace.Org, Re-Lab.Net, Interface and Orang.

She has presented and exhibited work internationally at various 
new media and electronic art festivals.

She has taught Internet skills at The London School of 
Economics and Middlesex University

She continues to work on the analysis, design and management
of's information systems, to continue its
project of gentle subversion in conjunction with technological
109 Corbyn St
Finsbury Park
N4 3BX

tel/fax: 00 44 171 272 5816

Presentations/Exhibitions of Net.Art Projects and Net Casts.
   - CRASH!, Art Of Work ICA, London,November/December 99
   - TOOT, Radio Nation, Hull Time-Based Arts, Hull, October99
   - Zac99, Museum Of Modern Art, Paris October 99
   - BioTech, Ars Electronica Festival, Austria, September 99
   - Irational.Org Residency, The Lux Centre, London Electronic Arts, July 99
   - Synch Or Stream, Banff Centre For The Arts, Banff, Al
   - Expo Destructo, Open, London, March 99
   - Tactical Media:The Next Five Minutes, Amsterdam March 99
   - Cyberfeminist Internationale, Rotterdam March 99
   - 1000 years of cinema, The Cube Cinema, Bristol February 99
   - Untitled, The Lux Centre, London Electronic Arts, February 99
   - Network Art + Publication, Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, October 98
   - Xchange@Open-x, InfoWAr, Ars Electronica Festival, Austria, September 98
   - Interactive Screens, Banff Centre For The Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada, August 98
   - Avatar, Avatar, Banff Centre For The Arts, Banff, Alberta, Canada, July 98
   - Artservers Unlimited, ICA/Backspace, London, July 98
   - Berlin Net Radio Days, Mikro, Berlin, June 98
   - eBC2 webcast, Institute Of Contemporary Arts, London, June 98
   - Viper Media Festival, Lucerne, May 98
   - Lovebytes Festival, Sheffield, April 98
   - Middlesex University, Fine Art, March 98
   - Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin, February 98
   - Jetai 97, Glasgow University, November 97
   - The Lux Centre, London Electronic Arts, November 97
   - ICA website, clubcard featured as part of october 97 programme
   - Rootless, Hull Time-Based Arts, October 97
   - Zones Of Disturbance, Steirischer Herbst, Graz, September 97
   - RemoteC, Flesh Factor, Ars Electronica Festival, Austria, September 97
   - Skopje Electronic Arts Fair, Skopje Museum Of Contemporary Art, Macedonia, June 97
   - Beauty And The East, Ljubljana, Slovenia, May 97
   - Backspace Lecture Series, Anti With E -  London, January 97
   - Art and Communication, Riga, Latvia, November 96
   - Metaforums 3, Budapest, October 96
   - Paleo-Psycho Pop, Dublin, September 96
   - Digital Chaos, Bath,  June 96
Live Events Co - Ordination
   - Loudmouths series of workshops and conferences, Backspace, October/November 97
   - Backspace Lecture Series, Anti With E, London Jan, Feb, March 97
   - Digital Chaos, Bath, June 96 
   - Embodied Knowledge/Virtual Space(EKVS), Goldsmiths College, London, June 95
Commercial Website Production and Maintenance
   - Art Of Work 
   - Six07 Music 
   - Timebase 

Internet Art Projects @
   - The Millenium Jingle 
   - Mr Net Art Competiton 
   - Routeless 
   - Personal Data Fairy 
   - TM Clubcard 
   - Moscow WWWarts Gold Medal Award 
   - Dot2Dot 
   - Loudmouths 

   - Rad.Spc. A webcasting and audio archiving project with Backspace
   - Cramley Election. An election project with Everything magazine
   - Irational.Org. Ongoing participation and development of the autonomous

Published Books/Articles
   - 'Welcome To The  Club' contributing chapter to Telepolis, pub. Bollmann, Sept. 97
   - 'Personal Data Fairy - Cyberhostess' , contributing chapter to 'Embodied/Virtual' 
      pub. Routledge Kegan Paul, Dec 97.
   -  Interview with el@b, Mute Magazine, Issue 7, Winter 96 
   -  Big Wide Words, 'Technopositivism', Issue 4, Spring 95
   -  In pursuit of the radical (1999), Aarhus.
   -  Tm clubcard (1997), Rachel Baker, Telepolis Aktuell, Munchen, Germany.
Features/media reports
- Clubcard (1997), Pete Gomes, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK.
- Global art community (1999), Josephine Berry, Mute, London, uk.
- Legal ambiguity of the net (1998), Robbin Murphy, Hypomnemata, NYC, usa.
- System c.r.a.s.h! (1999), Sally Weale, The Guardian, London, uk.
- Make Magazine, UK (1997)
- Siksi Magazine, Finland (1997)
- Globe and Mail, Canada(1997)
- Guardian, UK(1998)


   - London School Of Economics (Present)
   - Middlesex University March 98 (Visiting)

Freelance Web Training: 1996 - 97
   - Backspace, London

Technician: 1995 - 96
   - Institute Of Electrical Engineers, Embankment, London
Freelance Radio Production: 1994 - 95
   - BBC Radio 4       ------ 'Contemporary Shelleys:Voices Of Dissent'
   - BBC Radio 5 Live, The Big Byte  ------ 'Internet Jam'
   - Grove FM   Notting Hill Carnival     ------ 'Inside the Commonwealth' 

   - M.A Design Futures, Goldsmiths College, University of London. 
   - B.A. Hons Interactive Art, Newport School Of Art and Design, S. Wales. 

   - Netnames
   - British Council
   - Arts Coucil of England
   - London Arts Board
   - Backspace