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THE BODY RESEARCH MACHINE© uses emerging techniques based on sophisticated scans and volume-rendering technology to collect data of our body by biometric technologies. THE BODY RESEARCH MACHINE© also analyzes sound waves. Most of the ultrasound produced by THE BODY RESEARCH MACHINE© send sound waves through the body, which are broken up into phase data. The machine analyzes each region of the body wether it contains any interesting data and fully processes all these signals into a computer database.

This model developed by TECHNOLOGIES TO THE PEOPLE© uses several types of atomic models (varieties of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and hydrogen) and builds the aminoacid structure atom by atom. This data is compared with the DNA sequences of the GenBank. Also other less sophisticated data is recorded. This data is recorded in our central database.

We will never trade this data like commodities by direct marketers, insurance companies, government agencies, biotech companies or whatever.TECHNOLOGIES TO THE PEOPLE© primary concern is to protect and to guarantee the privacy of the individual and his or her genetic or other data. We do not agree to patent sequences or sell the genetic material. We can guarantee individual control over personal information. TECHNOLOGIES TO THE PEOPLE© also supports the `Modal Ethical Protocol for Collecting DNA Samples'.

In the next years the Human Genome Project will complete its mission to transcribe the code that controls the creation of human life. This code will be freely available, we hope. Once the full code of human DNA has been disassembled and annotated, we will be able to recompile the resulting code for our own purposes. We will customize ourselves. In this way, we will change the course of evolution.