Monday · May 05 · 2008

- Found five Korans in the apartment. Two in the small cabinet in the entrance and three in the cupboard in my sleeping room - one of them pocket version with a zipper. There are three wall clocks - but non of them working. Each one stopped in different time.

- go out to the street / very busy loud traffic / all the woman wearing scarves

qasr alaini traffic

- how do people manage to make trees so dusty?

- meet with Edith at CIC

- get settled in the studio with a great roof-top but so dusty and very hot

- cleen studio - take so much dust out - seems as if nobody was using it for a long time.

- Shaza, very sweet girl, who works at CIC shows me Arabic numbers and money

- eat koshari at Fillfela, strange local dish / consists of rice, pasta, chickpeas, lentils, fried onion and tomato sauce all mixed together

- buy a map and few books - Islam and Sport, some English translation of the Koran, and a study about Islam and Nationalism

- my nose is full of dirt due to the pollution in the air

- Meeting with Aleya at CIC to go to Townhouse opening with her car. I ask her how is that she is not wearing traditional clothes.

wearing traditional clothes.

- on the way back walking with Maymuni to the Nile /





Cairo Integration Diary