Tuesday · May 06 · 2008

- morning in studio

- Edit gives me contact of Arabic language tutor - she is very traditional but very nice, she says.

- Lots of men on the street have dark marks on their fronts. I beleve it comes from insistent praying. The darker it is the better a believer a person in question is, more devoted to the religion.

- go visit national museum / Innumerable objects dating from different ages of thousands of years ago. Common object and furniture that was barred with the Pharaohs in the Pyramids is in a perfect state. Lots of local guides with groups of tourists shouting in different languages from all directions. They are all explaining their own resumed version of the known history. I stay at one place and observe how different guides are explaining different stories in different languages to their groups. In English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, French... Occasionally I decide to follow some of the groups for a while, and then join another one, and so on...

museum crowd museum light monkey mummy dog monkey mummies

- The Museum is full of guards. A man in a white uniform takes my camera and asks me for 20 euro. I grab back the camera from his hands and say I am going to call the police. He runs away.

- hadshepsut was a woman!

museum hadshepsut

- taxi drivers constantly stop and ask - Where are you going?

traffic street crossing

- arrange the apointment with Sayonara for the Arab lessons /

- meet with Ben for a dinner and a drink at Horeyya / Man and women drink beer and smoke cigarettes. I have 2 bears and 4 cigarettes. An older woman sitting on the table next to ours talks all the time and asks for cigarettes. When she gets up to leave, various customers had noticed that she had left a pond of piss on the chair. Now everybody is looking carefully at a man just coming into bar saying hi to people on different tables. He goes strait to the chair with the piss and sits. Immediately he jumps off when he notices it was wet. The whole bar breaks into silent laugh.

- horreya bar


- plan to visit Siwa oasis and Alexandria.


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