Thursday · May 08 · 2008

- visit agricultural museum / go strait there now with a taxi /

- It is ruined and abandoned, quite a wired place. Nobody speaks English. Young fellow leaves his working-place to guide me. He has to open the exhibition rooms and turn on the lights. Seems they are not used to receive too many visitors. While he is explaining things I always have to move his hand that constantly ends up either on my back or my shoulder. In another building of the complex when I ask a doorman something he takes me to the offices. Some administrator receives me there very kindly. He thinks I am coming from some NGO.

agro museum bear agro museum cats agro museum maquete agro museum monkeys agro museum nile delta agro museum nude

- image of a nude woman on some decoration all scratched over

agro museum rabbit

- fragile organic objects very deteriorated, covered in dust

- back to CIC / looking for Nasser to buy floor-paint but he is busy / receive first Arabic lesson from Maymouni /

- meet Apolonia Sustresic and Kaas her boyfriend and arrange visit to the pyramids tomorrow. Apolonia says - I traveled alone so much and I know how lonely it could be.

- getting a bit depressed /

- work in studio





Cairo Integration Diary