Friday · May 09 · 2008

- visit to pyramides

- in the car apolonia asks me what will I be doing here, I say - try to integrate.

- at the piramides tourist hunters, romantic couples, kids with horses (tented to ride a horse)

pyramids horses city view tourist

pyramide couple pyramide couple pyramide couple pyramide couple

me tourist

- piramides inside town / on the edge of the city - on another side starts desert

white dogs gifts carved

dhashur inside dhshur inside dhashur besiegement dhashur besiegement dhashur climbing pyramide dhashur enterance

- Dhashur - extraordinary experience. There is no one around. Just one man on the enterance to the piramide situated at its mid-height. Some constructed stairway takes to this point. Its almost as climbing the mountain. From there a very narrow tunnel takes to the middle of the piramide. I go inside alone. As I am descending down trough the tunel only one meter high and wide I start to get feeling of pressure and fear. All the sound comming from outside arrives distorted. I look back to the towards day-light not sure if i should run back but tented to continue. Tunnel arround hunderd meter large. Still half to the other end. I decide to continue I go faster and my legs are trembling. When I get inside to the chamber opens the space with heigh gothic kind of cascade sealing. Trough small pasage its possible to get to identical another chambre. Feeling of pressure is culminating with strong smell of amoniac. Sensation is like being in submarin very deep under the water. I havent ever been in similar space that has been constructed in my entire life.

dhashur military camp

- Coming back to CIC. Meet Mayada and her friends. They take me to street festival at Heliopolis that is new part of Cairo. German girl who I met works with NGOs and crafts. Should contact her for some workshops ?

- Smoke 2 cigarets

- Dinner at Taboule Lebanese restaurant. Very good food and very expensive. Talk about dance here with Rana. People here have some problem in relation with their bodies. Men and women could feel very un contfortable with their bodies along their life - she says.

- Drink at Horreya

- Back home very tired



Cairo Integration Diary