Saturday · May 10 · 2008

- Breakfast at Edits

- go Islamic Cairo

- some man that introduces himself as french professor makes me company and shows me places and workshops. He is wery kind and explains me lots of things. and the end after half an hour I tell him I will go to the Mosque now and offers him some money. On my surprise he refusses my offer.

- long visit to al Azat Mosque and Islamic School / arrange meeting to study Coran other day

al azhar madrasa al azhar me al azhar me al azhar women

- go Townhouse to meet Shahira and Ferran

- back to Hannah Halili: visit market, not buy anything, but a ball of tamarand (black mass used to make refreshing drink. Something like Coca-Cola. Men in traditional clothes with lots of plastic flowers and plastic boots sell it on the street.

khana khalilili perfumes

- I wear white head scarf bought in Skopje women market and that make me feel safe. I feel people treat me with more respect even if its obvious I am foreigner

- People trying to sell me things - I talk with them visit all the shops if I like the people talk about everything, learn to play instruments, smell species, perfumes. One said - How can I get your money?

- Finally have a shay at the cafe in the market. Very traditional dirty and cheap. All men smoking nargile.

Hossein mosque Hossein mosque

- Visit Al Hussein Mosque where there is a head of Mohammads grandson or so. Special enterance for women. Lots of people praying. Just after I knew its forbidden for not belivers to accede in.

- In front of the mosque a kid carryng big wooden cage on his head with a breads. I want to take a picture of him but he runs away protesting and almost crying from anger. I chase him with camera and it seems to be funny.

wooden cage bread seller

- Meet with Ben to go to openinng at AUC. There meet his friend who is a dancer. She gives me contact of belly dance couple and mentions stick dance (? women cant do it) tahtib.

- go to studio warming party at Ranas. socializing. good party

- returning back home exosted but happy


Cairo Integration Diary