Monday · May 12 · 2008

- a man at the office in the front building stearing again. I decide to keep the windows closed.

man in front building

- car coverings - protection from the dust?

car covering

- Lunch on the island with Sancho.

- Take wooden box from the street. Very common hand made object that doesnt seem to have any value. Work doesnt seem to be very appretiated here.

- Sancho explains incredible story of his life in exile in Libia.

- On other side of the river boys jumping the fence and snifing glue under the bridge.

under bridge

- waiter makes all the time jokes with the wooden box

- forget the wooden box in the restaurant.

stairs river

- Adham presentation about video-dance in Townhouse.

- a perfume vendor takes me to his shop and talks me about some people from belgrade who were shopping there. He takes out his guest book with their writting inside. There saids in serbian that those mans are cheeters and worns not to buy anything from them. I laugh - and he asks - what does it says?

guest book

- On way back home buy two boxes for 3EP.



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