Tuesday · May 13 · 2008

- In the morning planing to paint studio -floor and in the afternoon I should go to Institute Cervantes and Video-dance event in Townhouse. Thats why I leave home in working clothes and take the more elegant throusers and shirt int he plastic bag with me. I go out from the flat carring this bag and two others with the garbage. Few blocks away I realise I had just throwen away all the baggs togather including one with the clothes. Running back to the container. It allredy filled up luckyly just with the leafs and brunches that have been cut from the near by trees. I remove them but cant see anything. Look around. There is a black plastic bag moved by the wind on the pavement next to the container. The same as the one where was my clothes. Ah somebody already took it away. But in the next movement I see my throusers and white shirt out of bag in the corner of the container. I grab it an direct my self to CIC. What a case. They didnt liked my clothes. Well I did liked it very much.

- Talk with Dionis about dreams we were collecting - Second life

- Meeting with Edit and Aleya to talk about my work. In one hour I could explain just a fifth part. Finding difficulties to explain the work when it's necessary to make introduction in the context and also explain the ideas, strategies and methiodologies. Thinking of what would be good way to present my work in Cairo. Certanly I don't have to talk about everything. We scheduled the meeting to continue this conversation for the coming Monday.

- Edith said spanish cultural atashe announced his visit to CIC tomorrow to meet me. So I called Sayonara to cancell the arabic lesson. She proposed to meet Thuersday 20h.

- Met with belly-dance couple in CIC. They offered to give free belly-dance sessions. We taught perfect place to do it could be CIC hall out of working hours.

- Went to the Cervantes Institute in the evening to the theatre play. Nice man with red cheeks. He invited me to visit in working hours.


- visit Cervantes during daytime

- Compile dreams records - Second life

Cairo Integration Diary