Wednesday · May 14 · 2008

- Comment the idea of the belly dance sessions to Edit and she seems a bit scandalized. She said it's not possible to do it at CIC and explains that belly-dance is related to prostitution here and very badly seen. I got a bit disillusioned. / have to look for another location now /

- getting every time better self-confidence in crossing the streets

- going out without a map

- Still havent painted the studio floor. Maybe this weekend.

- Getting arabic lessons everywhere: today with a CIC doorman and in a cab.

- Not so much beggars on the streets as in India. But still you could see some very poor people begging. It's good to give some small money to elder or some pencil to the children when find suitable. It could make them very happy and it doesn't cost you so much.

- went to islamic market and bought egiptian sneakers for 25EP = 3euro. they are great! Father of a shop seller draws on the boxes. Nice drawings.

drawing shoe shop

- This eveninng dusty storm again. You can feel it in your nose as it is filling up and filtering the dust.

- People constantly complaining that all the prices went up due to the raise of the cost of the petrol.

- People that were stucked in Beirut comming back.

- Ahmed psychiatrist called to arrange the meeting. We said to meet Friday afternoon.

- roof view


- look for the hand-crafts.

- sufi dance - friday at Hannah Halili.

- ticket to Cyprus not going

- study Coran at Al Azat Mosque.

- paint floor in studio done

Cairo Integration Diary