Thursday · May 15 · 2008

- could not sleep last night / then I did sleep and had lots of dreams / At the en of a tunnel I got to some kitchen, but it was so small or I became so big that I had difficulties to move, had to crawl on the floor to pass between the table legs and chairs to reach a door to get out.

- make list of short sentences - (to pass to Arabic?)
- Hechos no palabras - laf3alan la laqwalan
- Para que todo siga igual cambiando lo todo.
- do and name after
- words make reference to themselves not to the real things
- canals interrupt flows
- progress interrupt evolution
- class order design environment
- las cosas son el dinero que valen y las personas son el dinero que vale su fuerza de trabajo
- product erases memory of the material


- Arabic lesson with Sayonara / started to talk about classical Arabic calligraphy. She found two teachers for me immediately so she calls them but not managing to arrange anything. I have to call them later again.


- look for the hand-crafts.

- sufi dance - friday at Hannah Halili.

- ticket to Cyprus on 8th?

- Study Coran at Al Azat Mosque.

- paint floor in studio

Studio- work:

- set up Ancona-Skopje

- caves- images Bristol

- work with laia - Rotor site

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Long term questions:
What do you expect from Cairo stay?

Cairo Integration Diary