Friday · May 16 · 2008

- walk along aquaduct. Not really possible because of the new construction. Should try to go from another side - from the Citadelle.


- Talk with a policemen - he says this place is called Magra il-ayun. Something about eyes - i think as he keeps pointing on his eyes. The place is closed and not accesible. Would be great walk along the wall on its top i think.

- Trying to cross bussy street I stand near to the policemens. An overpacked van escapes from the policemen who tries to stop it unsucessfully.

- a hut

street hut

- continuing walk down the Nile. A disk from the wheel from somebodys car fells of in the bussy traffic and continues to roll crashing in to other cars. A man from the car mechanic workshop runs in to the traffic to get it.

- meet with the Ahmed psyquatrist - public space ?

- drink Schwepps water today

sch water

- start crochet plastic bag. spent 2 black plastic bags.

- taking pictures of writtings on the walls.

wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting wall writting

- evening concert Summer Festival.

- my mother arrives on 20th night


- release! you cant posess anything

- nothing new but the point of viw

- the material part is always the same. things are changing only in the way that materials are relating in different way among themselves.

- I go to the book store and buy a Cairo Lonly Planet guide and maps because I want to plan travellings when my mother arrives. Its going to be her 60th birthday on 26th. I havent ever bought a guide before in my life.

- evening - meet Adhem psyquiatrist - we go to Al Azhar Park to the concert - we take subway and micro bus and walk a lot along the City of Dead - talking about islam and psychiatry, as his mission is to join those two things, he says - he takes thing from the religion that could be applied to the contemporarry knowledge - he also talks about big new and polemicshopping mall that is actually in construcction in this area seems there is a lots of fights about that - maybe comparative situation to another cities - Al Azhar Park is a very strange place - Its an enclosed enormus park very clean and very elitist - It was donated to the city by Aga Khan - a very rich man founder of some islamist sect - concert a bit boring - after we go to eat something in a Restaurant that looks like a Palace, but prices are quite regular - I show him the old hand-made arabic book- eaten by the worms - I got it some time ago from my father - he translates me the begining. it saids something like - Dont direct yourself to the people of the book unles you treat them kindly... (people of the book referes to jews and christians) and it is some part of coran - we talk about caligraphy, sufism, places in egypt, lots opf things. At the end we go back with a Taxi and it results that he grow up in the street where I am actually living.

- In the evening I stay until late lookin at the guides. I find there that Al Hossein mosque is cosed for not belivers (and I was there inside taking pictures) even there is a beleif that the bread that is sold arround the Mosque is holy. Now I understand why this kid with a bread was getting so angry and trying to escape from me with a huge wooden cage on his head.


- call caligraphy artist - haven't found him

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- resume of the passed days
- letter Andrea, Laia - rotor manuals

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- What was the strongest experience of the day?
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