Saturday · May 17 · 2008

Studio- work:

- paint studio floor

painting studio

- go meet Elke in Townhouse

- some deuch artist had the same white egiptian sneackers as me and was doing the diary in 2006 !?

- meet Minha a guy who is organising the workshops next to townhouse on Saturdays. Very good atmospere - maybe possibility to do something there.

- locals always pleased when understand that my name is arabic. They keep saying me different meanings of it. Most common is lonly and alone. the only one. Like only child of a parents or divorced woman. Hana on the party said me 'the one that can be alone'. But today a young man said me that it was a very famous woman hero from upper Egypt. There is some song about her.

- shay at coffee shop in the neighbourhood. socializing

- a guy on the street laughing at my sneackers. They seem to be the cheapest local footware

- On Tahrir Square young guy askes me - Hey, hey, where are you going? - And I ask him - Why do you ask me questions? We discuss a bit

- back to CIC studio. put another layer of paint.

- white sneackers already got dirty.

egyptian sneackers

- go to the dance event at Ghomoya Theatre. Meet belly dance couple - they found the place for the sessions! Will call tomorrow we have the first session on Monday

- drinking water on the streets (?)

drinking water

- paint for the floor resulted to be the wall paint. Although I asked Nasser 5 times if this is paint for the floor when we went shopping it resulted to be the acrilic wal paint. It seems its imposible to find the floor paint here and also he didnt know that something like this exists at all. Anyway I did painted it.


Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Long term questions:
What do you expect from Cairo stay?

Cairo Integration Diary