Sunday · May 18 · 2008

- put all the furniture back in the clean studio

studio studio

- sort all cairo images

- letter arrived. go to the post office with a post man. long procedure bureacracy to to get my VGA cable.

- call the caligraphy professor 13:30. Shaza talks with him and we arrange the classes twice a week - Tuesdays and Saturdays.

- washing-machine is not working

- collection of plastic bags at the kitchen

plastic bag

Studio- work:





- call caligraphy artist - haven't found him yet
- visit War Panorama
- call german girl for craft workshops
- get Minhas contact

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Long term questions:
What do you expect from Cairo stay?

Cairo Integration Diary