Monday · May 19 · 2008

- get up late due to insomnia

- telephone woke me up - somebody asking for ben - i reckon its his mother - she seems worried -

- meeting with edith and aleya

- do, undo and redo the plastic bag crochet. I didn't liked the form it was taking so I dedided to do it from the beginning. It's much better now.

plastic bag plastic bag plastic bag

- drink Coca - Cola water today

water cocacola

- funny advert for anti-spots cream

drawing street

- more drinking water in clay pots

drinking water drinking water

- Sherry coming 16.30 and we go for a belly dance session. We meet at Metro Station and go to the dance-studio. Session passed great and we have lots of fun. Ezat said - Belly dance is a funny dance for women because they are much more flexible and can do much more things easier than men. Thats why they smile and have funn while dancing.

dance session dance session

- wooden cage again but as a small garden

wooden cage garden

- Lesson with Sayonara.

arab lesson

- coming back home I find hexagonal pieces

hexagram pattern hexagram pattern

- At home I cut all the plastic bags that I could find and tie them in knobb. They are all white with some prints - mostly bags from farmacy and left from somebody who was living here before me (maybe ben).

plastic material plastic material plastic material plastic material plastic material

Studio- work:

- make image photo album with cairo images

- insert images in diary

- belly dance flier



- call german girl for craft workshops
- get Minhas contact

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Long term questions:
What do you expect from Cairo stay?

Cairo Integration Diary