Thursday · May 22 · 2008

- get up early 7.45 - repass arabic (ameya)

morning room morning room morning room

- visit to Zamalek and downtown with my mother

- drink pepsi water today

water pepsi

- my mother makes order in the flat in her way, asks for the bear in the shop (of course they don't sell bear), goes to the policeman when she wants to cross the street... - police bench

bench police

- buy sack of tabaco DRUM blue (45EP)

- buy caligraphy material (40EP)

- bought sunglasses 20EP

- call caligraphy professor and propose him 100EP for a lesson and he doesn't accept

- Mohamed the CIC doorman is 'caught' in giving me arabic lessons in his work time. He is receives a jaw from Mayada and Shaza. Seems that the main issue is because he's refussing to get a mobile phone.

- belly dance session at 17h

- townhouse fashion show until 21h. People having great fun. Have a shay in the coffee shop with my mother, Anastasia, greek-swiss artist and her friend.

- concert at Institute of Music Ramses street 21h. Not go.

- drive my mother home. Taxi ride takes too long as a driver doesnt know where is our street. At the end he drops us at completely other part of the city. Take another taxi - he as well doesnt know the street - it takes eternity but at the end we arrive. I continue to some party at Aghouza where are Verena and Mayada. Mostly german people playing game of asociations at the balcony.

Work at studio:

- insert new images in diary

- make diary interface

- advance with plastic bag

plastic bag

- work on rotor new site and manuals

- call german girl for craft workshops

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary