Wednesday · May 28 · 2008

Work at studio:

- send mails
- download / sort images
- collage terra - rotor
- upload presentation slide-show


- visit coptic Cairo with my mother afternoon

- 15h belly-dance session cancelled

street surface

- walk arround

- buy new note book

- pottery workshop presentation - from Townhouse 18.30 19.30 - I was told the wrong time. Visit Townhouse earlier - there was a governement inspection today so all the shops and locals arround shut down. Seems its impossible to get all the right permissions to work here, so the governement does this controls some three times in the year to charge penalties and after people get back to work as before. Elke and Wauter also explain me that we (foreigners) are paying 2 times more for everything in shops. If you go with somebody local the best price you can get is 1,5 times more. Im not shure about that. have to test it.

- Walking I feel some tension on the streets - people keep asking me things - feel a bit better covering the hair

- I find a very nice bar in a thick shade next to Talaat Harb Square. Lots of people smoking sheesha and siting there for long time

- Ibrahim Ibrahimovic - an artist working with Elke and Wautter - the one that was saying me about very long song with some princess Wahida now saids me about his friend Sameh who is caligrapher. This is the same one that I could not contact him before. I meet another Wahida

- pottery workshop openning. Lots of people. Socializing.

- Generally women are more taff here, specially if they go out unvailed. Going out unveiled for a woman here means important decission and statement.

- beer in Horeya. We set a football match for Friday.


- extend egiptian visa these days

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary