Thursday · May 29 · 2008

- wake up nice but no water in flat

- i realise that i dont have a key from the studio, so i cant go there earlier than 10h, have to find out where is the key - i reckon i forgot it yesterday in the bathroom when the phone ringed

- go to the lab. In the front I met a guy, nice one Sameh, he speaks perfect english and really helps me. He is also doing some bureacracies there. As my thing seem to be more complicated and I have to wait I join him for a while in his paperworks. He lives in Holland and he says he is graphic designer. I am worried about the key so I go to the studio and we arrange to meet later, he will help me to finnish my tasks.

lab woman

- go to cic and find the key where i taught. all is fine

- work studio /

- meet with sameh again / do the analisys / nurse thinks he is my husband he says yes and than she makes him all sorts of questions / we have a drink after and go to studio

- my mother waiting at cic / sameh caligrapher calls to meet up / we arrange to meet at 16h at Talaat Harb

- Sameh leaves / go out with my mother / cant find a good place to eat near so go back to studio for an hour

- meet Sameh calirapher - he cant give me classes but will try to find someone

caligraphy sameh

- Peter arriving 5-10th June

- 20h arab ameya lesson / learn new words from the children nationalist alphabet video: my country, my flag, my nation, nationalism, peace, soldger ...

- dinner in Taboula with my mother /

- more velied cars - car veiled

- go to sleep very tired

Work at studio:

- images
- practice ameya


- make arabic/english visit-cards on Tahrir Square
- plan visit to Alexandria this weekend or Dahab
- Greece with Heath ? Barcelona paperwork ?

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary