Friday · May 30 · 2008

- wake up very early

- read in bed

- undo crochet

plastic bag

- go out - the city is completely empty - only the street cleaners / some stone falls in front of me - an old blind woman jumps in front of me from behind the car. I would gove her some money if I was hadnt got so scared

street friday morning street friday morning

- arrive to studio

- go to Al Azhar Park with my mother - again during the day - from the fence there is view to the city of dead - the gurd tells us to move away -withot explication, he is not answering non of our questions - he is just repeating that he could have problems. Park is very exclusive and luxurious with connected water basins trough all the park and network of water supply for each three. Suddenly while we are on the top hill starts the friday prayer. Multitudes of unsyncronized chantings arriv from different sides of the dense urbanisations in the bottom. We make a break in the shade of a three.

al azhar park al azhar park

- do out of the park and walk by the highway trying to reach the city of the dead. Insoportable heat. Taxi drivers stops for us, finnaly my mother wants to take a taxi. She thinks its so sad that people lives in the graves.

- go to islamic museum, but it's closed - will open in three months the guard say

- go to Zamalek to Diwan bookstore to look for caligraphy books. On the way we enter Cilantro caffe to get refreshment. Get a Daily News and suprisingly there is a big article on the last page about Rotor. Waiter gives us the nespaper. Go to Diwan and buy 3 caligraphic booklets for exercizing, book about Rumi and Feyruz's CD. In the meanwhile my mother was out in some shop with clothes. She takes me there and we try and buy more things. Walk trough Zamalek for a while and take taxi to go home.

rotor daily news

- Have a rest - read Rumis book, arrange meeting with Sameh. While waiting in front of the French Institute garden I witness very violent fight among schoolgirls. The big one very rabious took the small one and pushed her against the car. The small one felt on the pavement staying to lay there without any signs of life. School teachers and other kids didn't seemed too upset about it. A teenager with a beer in his hand comes to me and asks me if I am looking for something. Sameh was waiting on another place so finally we meet and go to Hossein with a car. Sameh Caligrapher calls - his friend accepted to give me classes - we arrange to meet all three of us tomorrow arround 16h. We sit in the tiny family restaurant in a small street. This place is famous for stuffed pigeons. We have two pigeons each and they are delicious. We leave the place getting out to the highway we get lost in the city of dead. Finally we manage to get out and he leaves me at home.

Work at studio:

- images
- mails


Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

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