Friday · June 20 · 2008

- got up early 6:30 / do washing / read newspaper

- Baraka water is bottled by Nestle

- do grocery shopping (plums 6EP, water DASANI 2EP, 2 fruit yogurts, 1 plain yogurt, biscuits Hob-Nobs, 15EP, TOTAL : 23EP)

- assuming not having a credit card and difficulties to get cash i have to take a better evidence of all my expences / from now on I will try to make an evidence of all my expences.

bicycle blue nile

- come to cic / meet with Peio Agguire. Few years ago he was currating an exhibition where we were to take part in. Nothing happened at the end as the gallery space runned by Caixa suddenly shut down.

- heath says he got the rice but he can not eat it

biohazard rice

- i go buy cigarette papers at Talaat Harb.

- comming back a man on T.H. Square tells me - Hi I remember you, you'we been passing here often a week ago. Where have you dissapeared ? I said you that you walk like an egyptien when crossing the street. You close your eyes and pray to god. When I answear to a usual question where are you from I say Yugoslavia, Serbia, he says his nickname is Tito.

- I pick up a nice wooden cage on the way back - people gesticulating in the mode of wondering and laughing at me - What do you need it for?

- 19h cic - panel discussion with a critique workshop. Already started. My bottle of water dissapeared and I am so thirsty. Imberable hot in the hall where the discussion is going on. Water gets so precious.

- nobody drinks wine here, it's too expensive - In the 50ies during the revolution all wine industries were burnt and destroyed because they were related to foreign capital - owned by mostly brittish... makes me think about the roots of Egiptian nationalism... / to order or pay the alcoholic drink you have to be sitting on the table - this is the general rule / no bar service / - dinner at Estoril. Leaving the restaurant I go out with a cigarette, I would never do it before when I was trying to integrate - now i think i am just so obviously different. Three young guys following me and trying to establish a conversation - I say I dont speak english in english - its a bit funny.

- 23.30 go home sleep / just falling asleep my phone rings - I can hear some arabic music on other side and the line breaks / trying to get asleep again wakes me up the door bell / I go to the door but nobody answers / so tired I go to sllep again


- mails
- resolve money
- air collage
- survival guide for passing to new era ?
- arabic homework
- bottle sleeve design
- plastic bag page
- egiptian visa is waiting at Mugamma
- resolve spanish passport


- > IN

from whom? for what? how? original currency how much?
HANGAR residency fee cash from 3rd persons credit card 200euro 1.640EP
HANGAR residency fee left in wallet 100EP
my mother left over sent in enveloppe 120EP
TOTAL: 1.860EP

< - OUT (daily expences)

Type: Item: Specification: No.: Price:
alimentation plums   1/2kg 6EP
alimentation water Dasani (Coca-Cola) 1l 2EP
alimentation fruit yogurt 2 4EP
alimentation plain yogurt   1 0.50EP
alimentation cookies Hob-Nobs 1 box 8EP
addiction cigarette filters 2 GIZA / 1 ZIG-ZAG 3 9EP
addiction cigarettes MERIT 1 7EP
alimentation dish + drink dinner at Estoril
eggplant tomato rice + beer Stela + tip
1 50EP
TOTAL: 86.50EP

+ TOTAL IN: + 1.860EP
- previous expences - 168EP
- day expences - 86.50EP
- TOTAL OUT: - 254.50EP


+ 1.609,50EP

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary