Tuesday · June 24 · 2008

- get up / tide up the flat - through away lots of papers / do arabic

packing waste

- now chickens eating around the garbage

veiled car chickens

- exchange 50eur / national fen in the exchange office - its called National Sky

national sky

- 11.30 arabic lesson / Sayonara arranges to go to Marocan hammam on friday

- left a bag of cashews on the table - when came back the ants made a foot path passing over my computer to the cashew bag - had to move it and trough away finally

- finnish and upload air collage

- go out / extended bici tabacco distributer /

- extendeed bici carring ice - looks almost impossible on this heat

extended bici ice extended bici ice

- getting home I see the basket weavers working on the street in front of the small workshop. Thinking to ask them for if they could teach me do it some of the next days.

- 22.30 meet with Hana in Winsdor Hotel. Waste recycling neighbourhood. Stipend for the iraki kid. Cabarets.





< - OUT (daily expences)

Type: Item: Specification: No.: Price:
alimentation cashews + guava juice small + bread baladi Ble Nile 1+1+1 15EP
alimentation wine white 1l 37EP
transportation taxi Qasr Al Aini - Cinema Diana one way 6EP

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

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