Wednesday · June 25 · 2008

- 11h caligraphy lesson

- Lunch at F.I. + shay + crochet at Munira Park

cairo bag cairo bag


- I always forget the fear I was passing leaving the CIC late in the night. I always go out with a mobile phone in one hand and a knife on hand in my bag. There is lots of noises in the building and not so much light.



- call Embassy - money transfer
- call printers

< - OUT (daily expences)

Type: Item: Specification: No.: Price:
service caligraphy lesson rocca 1 50EP
communication phone charger 20EP
alimentation lunch French Institute Rest. 1 37EP
ticket park 1 1EP
alimentation shay in the park 1 2EP

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary