Sunday · June 29 · 2008


- to call somebodies attention on the street people here (mostly mans) produce some sound as - sssssssss, sssssssss, or ks, ks

- lunch French Institute

- do plastic bag crochet after lunch in the park

- all the day trying to get the ants out of my hard drive - i dont know why they liked it so much




- there is a garden party at Gotte Institute to watch championship finale - germany - spain / maybe i go / football so boring / trying to understand what is so interesting about that / people are getting more excited as the match is advancing / I leave before it finishes / go Out to the square / enter Cilantro / getting annoyed with a 'too nice waiter' he offers his help so much that he is always blocking my way / i ask him kindly if he could leave me alone / have a quiche juice and read a newspaper in english not so easy to find in my neighborhood.



- work on air collage

- plastic bag certificate


- Abbassiyya
- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church
- Zamalek - Zabbaleen Recycled Crafts
- go Alex

< - OUT (daily expences)

Type: Item: Specification: No.: Price:
alimentation galettes + lemon juice + coffe French Institute 1 25EP
transportation taxi 3 rides 3 25EP
alimentation quiche + guava juice Cilantro 1 12EP

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary