Thursday · July 03 · 2008

- get up too early again / i want sleep with the aircondition any more / tired - go to studio /

- last arabic lesson with Syonara / the other professor didn't appeared so I decided to stop with arabic lessons completely / it showed up that i am owning to S. 5 lessons instead of 4 that i taught / as i didn't had enough money we arrange with S. to meet another day

- its my fathers birthday / but i forgot to call him

- on the way to studio i decide to try this cactuses - the boy says its called thinn

wending car tinn wending car tinn - scan images / shay with Mayada - she gives me all the information about Sinai and Dahab - planning to go maybe on Saturday evening

- try to get a short nap on the balcony before Essam arrives / exosted fom not sleeping enough

- caligraphy lesson (what time?) 15.30h / writte whole words finnaly / very nice

- leadership workshop at Townhouse and projections

- skip / too tired

- work on terrae collage in the studio / talk with printers / they say it could be printted on saturday / internet going off and on / not possible to upload collages

- go home / stay at home all evening / cook dinner

- think of making a party for getting a spanish passport / also make a dress or a skirt from spanish and catalan flag mixed / thick and thin yellow and red stripes /


- finish and upload all collages


- Abbassiyya
- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church
- Zamalek - Zabbaleen Recycled Crafts
- go Alex
- my fathers birthday - call
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