Monday · July 07 · 2008

- get up with morning prayer that is arround 5h - forcing myself too sleep more but it doesnt work

- go to studio early / old woman that cheers me as ussual / she seems always very happy to see me / someday i should talk to her

- do admin / tired / my garndmother rings me up - she says she tinks i am working hard and that i should take it more light / go buy cds to copy images to print photos (for f. thomas and s. children) / back to cic / select and upload cairoimages / make cd and go to find a photographic shop / in the shop where i was told to go there is a black completely veiled woman / she is turnd back from me comunicating with but trough the mirror in her front / i reckon she is indignated by my short skirt and very unpolitely she tells they dont work with cd's and and doesnt know who else is doing it

- also on the street i notice people specialy veiled women are pushing me and looking me in a quite bad way when i am in a skirt. also my white scarf seems to be confussing togather with short skirt

fruits shade food get rotten very fast under the sun

extended bici detail extended bici detail extended bicy details

- leave cd in another shop very near / it will be finished tomorrow

- exosted / go for a good lunch to F.I. / waiter tells me if last friday i had took by mistake a menagers pack of cigarettes / and he is right - i did found an extra box of cigarettes in my bag that i didnt knew where did it came from / paying i insist to give money for the tabaco but the manager refuses / he seems very kind and i seem to had became a faithful costumer

- go home - sleep for few hours / finaly sleeping repares me quite good

- back to studio / work in the evening / alone in the building as ussual / but already used to the strange nises of doors moved by the air and birds sounds /

- on the way home buy water and cigarettes / its the same guy attending me in the kiosk as very early this morning / now i understand why he is always so sleepy in the morninng / before i get out my green vallet he is already making some joke about it / he always tells that its colour is entonated with some other thing i have on me /

- at home i find the sleeping pill on the floor / decide to take the quarter hoping to sleep well this night finally /




- send mails to bcn friends for phone numbers
- buy ticket to Barcelona
- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church
- Zamalek - Zabbaleen Recycled Crafts
- make photos of Syonara's children and another for father Thomas
- make a drawing of s. children in exchange for one lesson that we agreed
- write and send a letter to f. thomas concerning solar panels - Abbassiyya - coptic community
- clean flat and the studio



- 20EP Graham &Katalin
- 180EP Syonara

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary