Tuesday · July 08 · 2008

- get up in reasonable time 7.30 / write / tide up the flat a bit / throw the garbage / undo plastic bag to take out the ugly yellow - anyhow this bag didn't came from my consumption - i found it in the flat /

waste pack

- go out / there is a man holding an improvised elevator made of a basket and a rope - suspending it to the grocerry store in the neath of the building / i think that is how he is doing shopping / too complicated to take a photo as my hands are occupied by boxes of garbage /

- some people on the street desmanteling photocopy machine

desmanteling copy machine

- go tourist agency to buy a ticket to Barcelona / the man who is attending me is typing letter by letter with one finger / at the end he gaves me some cake /

- studio / write / ants making paths trough my desk to the yogurt i just had

yoghurt ants

- go for a lunch but my eyes are bigger than a stomack I order the whole plait d'jour and realise I am not hungry and above all dont carry enough money to pay it - but now I feel like a fidel costumer - fish is delicious and I will pay next time

- back home to take more cash / go exchange office and photo-lab to take prints

- men of all ages walking on the street holding each others hands

- back to cic again meet katalin in the hall - she is about to have a meeting with edit

- work in studio - after a while katalin arives in bad mood / the meeting had upset her / we say to make a party togather if she leaves also this weekend

- go home / finish the plstic bag / read

cairo bag cairo bag

- essam calls to change the time of tomorrows lesson /


- send mails to bcn friends for phone numbers
- buy ticket to Barcelona
- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church
- Zamalek - Zabbaleen Recycled Crafts
- make a drawing of s. children in exchange for one lesson that we agreed
- write and send a letter to f. thomas concerning solar panels - Abbassiyya - coptic community
- clean flat and the studio



- 20EP Graham &Katalin
- 180EP Syonara

Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary