Saturday · July 12 · 2008

- tide up house / washing / modify girls galabeyyas /

- go cic

- go buy third pair of white egyptian snickers 15EP

- see the car crash for the first time

- meet with Amado in Horreya / he works with sudanese kids refugies / preparing to leave meet Yehya / join his table for a while / a guy next to me M.hawary offers himself to go to Abalen area tomorrow with me / we arrange maybe to meet tomorrow than /

wall writings jump

wall drawing - Shahira says it means - jump and kill yourself - meaningless frustrated expresion

- go home try to sleep / but go out to the internet and recharge my mobile that just run out of credit /

- on the street a red haired man askes me if i need something - i sadi yes - a vodaphone card 10 ginies - He sends a young guy for a card and offeres me a seat / we talk / he asks me if i could bring him a bottle of Vodka when I come back in October - It will be after the ramadan and he will be very desired of alcohol... - a young fellow comes back on the bicycle - there is no phone card in none of the shops around /


- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church


Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

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