Sunday · July 13 · 2008

- get up late

- go cic / call M.Harawi to meet up - in 1 h at Horreya for a coffee

- go Ataba square to leave send a packet / plastic bag to my mother in Belgrade

post office post office

- go Falaki / late to meet with m.harrawi / taxi driver doesnt know where is Falaki / leaves me at Talaat Harb - he doesnt have change from 10EP and wants to take all / i leave him one ep take 10 and leave - now i have to go walking / he is shouting after me - people gathers arround - a policeman arrives / finally a policeman takes my side and tells him to change 10 - he asks all the people around - finnaly takes the change / he wants to take 5 but policeman says only 5 /

- meet with m.harrawi go to Moqattam - cave cathedral / taxi driver agrees to wait one hour for us there for 65ep

zabaleen zabaleen trucks zabaleen kite flying

zabaleen improvised elevator zabaleen elevator improvised elevator

zabaleen crist zabaleen zabaleen ma harawy zabaleen bags zabaleen icon zabaleen carriage zabaleen paper zabaleen kids zabaleen waste storage zabaleen gout zabaleen paper zabaleen glass zabaleen glass zabaleen zabaleen cave cathedral




- meet with Shahira and Nida on cic terrace / they wanted to see my work because they are preparing some project and publication about the developement of the city of Cairo

- update spanish agenda / upload images /

- Mohammed brings me some koshari to eat and I was really hungry

- tide up and leave the studio

zabaleen cave cathedral

- go home / pack

- go out to Odeon terrace with Shahira



- Zabbaleen - Garbage City - Cave Church



Questions for the day:
- What unexpected happened today?
- What was the strongest experience of the day?
- Image, drawing, story...

Cairo Integration Diary