This work starts with my assumption that I will leave Cairo as a different person than the one I arrived.
Followed by the reason to document and explain this transformation, since my arrival I am starting
to make short annotations on daily basis including photographs and drawings.
In the course of time this work gains on complexity including ideas and small projects I am developing.

All the material is given in its row form on the following directions:

days -

image catalog -

This annotations in the beginning are based on very simple methodology in trying to give very resumed information about:

- details i am perceiving as a newcomer: people, things and events on the street
- basic daily activities
- image or drawing
- my expectations
- strongest impression of the day

In the course of time methodology in following the diary is slightly modifying as I am getting certain
routine and becoming familiar with people, places, etc. Also it shows how an interests for certain things appear.
Than I pick them up and follow, occasionally get some idea that could be developed into something more concrete
or is just left aside.

To illustrate this I give few examples:

exploring relation to its own body in muslim community through dance- left aside        
veiled cars / veiled women---> finished with small intervention        
collecting wall writings -----> calligraphy lessons ---->open doing chalk drawings in the city -----> mapping workshop with children --->open  
common daily use objects -----> plastic bag ---- > certificate --> economic daily balance ---> concreting plastic bag project
  water bottle ----> water distribution and envasement - old and new -------> open    
  wooden cages ------> left aside      
  extended bicycles ------- > maximum use of a 2 wheel transportation ----> open    

Main intention put in this work is to explore how things function on relation between us and our surrounding,
how things attracts our attention, we pick them up, transform them and they end up transforming us.