summer 2007 / embroided diary

Real time embroidery explores the proccess of creating a story from the living experience.


- needle
- textile
- string


- walk rat steps so you can sew while things are happening and not miss anything going on around
- coordinate the rhythm of sewing points with the foot steps
- use breaks and hitchhiking time to add missed episodes
- avoid details - put just most important things
- don't rush - undo without regretting if the line is not good enough
- don't fill in forms if its not necessary - it takes time and doesn't give more information

 Crossing River Chanza
27 of June - Crossing River Chanza
border crossing (es/pt)

 11-13 July Ancona - Skopje
11-13 July - Ancona / Skopje expedition
Contribution to the Lexicon of Provisional futures

24-28 July - Return home
Travel to Primislje with Nana

29Jul-6Aug - Mljet

Embroided Diaries