J Sainsbury plc
C/O Denton Hall
No 5 Chancery Lane
Clifford's Inn
London EC4A 1BU

Date: Friday 11th July 1997

Dear Sirs

J Sainsbury plc ("Sainsburys")

We refer to the letter from your solicitors dated 2nd July
1997. In consideration of your refraining from commencing
proceedings against us for trade mark and copyright
infringement and passing off, we hereby undertake whether by
ourselves our agents or otherwise howsoever.

1. not hereafter to infringe your registered trade mark
number 2,070,737:

2 not hereafter to pass ourselves off as associated,
connected or in any manner sanctioned by you;

3. not hereafter to infringe your copyright in material
produced by or on behalf of Sainsburys;

4. not hereafter to make access to and/or put on a web-site
on the Internet any material (including but not limited to
trade marks) belonging to Sainsburys including but not
limited to the material referred to in the said letter from
Messrs Denton Hall and/or refer in any maner whatsoever to
Sainsburys and/or REWARD or any mark substantially similar

5. forthwith to delete any reference to Sainsburys and/or
REWARD, and/or all material that would be an offence against
the above undertakings from any Internet web-site under our
control including but not limitied to and;

6. to forwith send to you printouts of all replies to
Internet web-sites operated by us connected in any manner
whatsoever with Sainsburys and/or their REWARD scheme as
referred to in the said letter from Messers Denton Hall, and
not hereafter to communicate with any such replies.

This undertaking is binding on our successors and assigns.

Yours Faithfully

for and on behalf of Irational.Org