Vahida Ramujkic / BIOGRAPHIES

mini-pogon for production of commonness
(09/2018 - --/open)
Belgrade, Serbia
building a working organisation based on principles of economic equality, from self
Presesented at: Praxa / Makerspace
Collaboration: with T. Cvetkovic, D. Prnjat, C. Sing Tai
Vanishing Archive
(02/2018 - --/--)
Vienna, Belgrade, Austria, Serbia
Discarded objects collected in the course of one month living are
Presesented at: MQ21, Vienna; Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad
Refugee's Basic Dictionary
(02/2017 - 04/2017)
Belgrade, Serbia
basic dictionaries of Pashto, Dari and Urdu with Spanish, English and Serbian
Presesented at: Belgrade Baracks
Collaboration: Mirei Sallares, Zia, Shams, Wali, Noor, Umar, etc
Social struggles in Historic center of CDMX
(09/2016 - 11/2016)
Mexico City, Mexico
A tapestry putting together various social struggles produced together
Presesented at: Casa Vecina/Casa de Hijo de Ahuizote
Collaboration: Dejan Dosljak, Ahuizote, Circulo de Lectores Central, Los Olvidados de Merced, indigentes del 1er Callejon de Mesones, bordadoras de Regina, etc
Rat dugmića / War of the Buttons
(03/2015 - 04/2015)
Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Through numerous conversations with different local actors in Konjic, this work tries to untie and represent very complex institutional context in which the Bienale in so called Tito's bunker in Konjic is organised and develops.
Presesented at: ARK, Bijenale u Konjicu
Collaboration: Dejan Došljak
Reksov evolutivni vrt
(09/2014 - 06/2015)
Beograd, Serbia
Retrospekcija 20 godina Kulturnog centra Rex u formi botaničkog vrta.
Presesented at: KC Rex
Sarajevski atentat doktrinarnim očima udžbenika
(08/2014 - 09/2014)
Banja Luka, BiH
Udbenička redakcija: uporedna analiza narativa o Sarajevskom atentatu iz udžbenika regiona i Austrije iz raznih vremenskih razdoblja i kolaborativna kompilacija kolažne publikacije.
Presesented at: BLArt Festival
Collaboration: ilustracija: Dragana Garić
Biograd na Neretvi
(05/2014 - 06/2014)
Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Part of Documentary Embroidery Circuit
Presesented at: OKC Abrasevic
Stories of Musrara
(12/2013 - 01/2014)
Jerusalem, Israel
Documenting life in Musrara neighborhood in Jerusalem, divided by three different communities: Palestinian, Jewish and Ortodox Jewish
Presesented at: Traces, Jerusalem Drawing Bienalle
Bitolska Vrteška
(11/2013 - 11/2013)
Bitola, Macedonia
Part of Documentary Embroidery Circuit
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski, Dejan Dosljak
Aradacka Križovka
(10/2013 - 11/2013)
Aradac, Zrenjanin, Serbia and Montenegro
Part of Documentary Embroidery Circuit
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski, Dejan Dosljak
Socialism Then and Never
(10/2013 - 10/2013)
Rijeka, Croatia
Workshop and publication part of Disputed Histories Project, exploring the facts related to devaluation and disappearance of socialist heritage from the history textbooks after 90-ies.
Presesented at: SIZ
End of the Season in Štoj
(08/2013 - 09/2013)
Štoj, Ulcinj, Montenegro
Part of Documentary Embroidery Circuit
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Alef-Bet of Jessy Cohen
(06/2013 - 07/2013)
Holon, Israel
Producing collaborative tapestry together with the neighbors of Jessy Cohen.
Presesented at: Israeli Digital Art Center
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Odd Day NEWS
(09/2012 - 09/2012)
Sheffield, Great Britain
An embroidered newspaper that comes out every other day (and sometimes every third day, and other times just on the least expected day).
Presesented at: Access Space
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Faces of Femininism
(03/2012 - 03/2012)
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Collaborative tapestry about Femininity
Presesented at: Bring in take out Livin Archive, Alkatraz Gallery
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Istina / E verteta
(10/2011 - 10/2011)
Belgrade, Serbia
Disputed Histories Workshop: comparing serbian and kosovo-albanian official historic narratives from the textbooks
Presesented at: 52 October Salon
Collaboration: A3.Formati Filip Bojovic
Microcultures on Serbian Markets
(10/2011 - 10/2011)
Belgrade and Leskovac, Serbia
2 weeks of fermenting different stuff on Kalenic market in Belgrade and on Green market in Leskovac, in south Serbia.
Presesented at: Kalenic Market
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski and Moshe Robas
Hypericum Garden
(06/2011 - 06/2011)
Ghent, Belgium
learning about fire trough plants
Presesented at: Summer Lab
Collaboration: Laia Sadurní
(05/2011 - --/open)
Villarrubia, Cordova, Spain
Ongoing project of food and social fermentation.
Presesented at: Campo Adentro
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski and Moshe Robas
(05/2011 - 05/2011)
Warszaw, Praga District, Poland
An embroidered tapestry documenting different aspects of Praga neighborhood of Warszaw.
Presesented at: Nizio Gallery
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Common History from serbian and kosovo textbooks
(04/2011 - --/--)
Belgrade, Serbia
Paralel analisys of Serbian and Kosova history textbooks and recopilation of collage booklet.
Presesented at: CZKD
7 Ways of Ful
(11/2010 - --/open)
Cairo, Egypt
Embroided documents of learning to prepare different versions of ful.
Neighbourhood Superheroes
(11/2010 - --/open)
Cairo / Barcelona, Egypt, Spain
Neighborhood Superheroes go to the missions to improve situations in their neighbourhood.
Presesented at: Artelewa, Cairo
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Nasa najnovija histerija / Our Newest Histery
(10/2010 - 10/2010)
Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
A coolage booklet made out or fragments from history text books used in Serbian, Croat and Bosnian (Federation and Republica Srpska), focusing on last 50 years in region. Made as result of a workshop.
Presesented at: SPAPORT
(09/2010 - 09/2010)
Bristol, UK
your golden credit card can make a precious necklace
Kaludjerica od A do Sh
(08/2010 - 08/2010)
Kaludjerica, Belgrade, Serbia
We opened an 'embroidery office' right outside the official city building in Kaludjerica, on the outskirts of Belgrade. We asked people to give us their suggestions for words and expressions that would best represent their neighborhood - a word for each letter of the alphabet. Many gave us word suggestions and some would also illustrate it on a piece of cloth while others would sit and embroider with us.
Presesented at: KCB, Belgrade / KCB Barajevo
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Apple knife
(03/2010 - 04/2010)
Bristol, UK
cutting an apple with an apple tree knife
Storm, return home and other terrible stories for children
(12/2009 - 01/2010)
Belgrade, Serbia
A book of stories explaind by my grandmother after our jorney to her birth place Primislje which she hasn't visited for the last 45 years. How life experience is transfered into stories to be preserved and transmitted?
Presesented at: Zvono Gallery
Collaboration: Dionis Escorsa
(11/2009 - 12/2009)
Barcelona, Spain
revisiting Poblenou with Bingo memory game
Presesented at: WIP Festival
Collaboration: RoToR
Umbrella Petticoat
(09/2009 - //open)
Berlin / Belgrade /Bristol, Germany / Serbia / UK
transforming harvested umbrelas after the tempest into petticoat skirts
(09/2009 - 09/2009)
Bristol, Leigh Woods, UK
making a boat out of hazel tree
Banff Chronicle
(08/2009 - 08/2009)
Banff, Canada
Embroided tapestries on a dininng room towels documenting outdoor adventures in Banff Mountains
Presesented at: Banff Centre
string from skratch
(07/2009 - 01/open)
BBB, Making ropes and strings out of anything
Physical Theory
(06/2009 - 06/2009)
Zagreb, Croatia
manual on physical theory
Presesented at: Performance Studies International #15
Design Avanzato
(05/2009 - 05/2009)
Monza, Italia
Rejected materials from furniture industry gain value becoming pieces of art. How we can create and give value to the objects?
Presesented at: Explorart
Club Card Earrings
(05/2009 - 05/2009)
Bristol , UK

Terracota Graffiti
(01/2009 - 01/2009)
Belgrade, Serbia
Terra-cotta plaques commemorating remarkable places of Belgrade cultural life that had been changed or disappeared in last ten years transition.
Presesented at: Belgrade
Documentary Embroidery
(11/2008 - --/open)
Cairo, Bristol, Barcelona, Egypt/UK/Soain
or how embroidery is the most accurate technique for representing reality?
Presesented at: Cairo, Bristol, Barcelona, Bon Pastor
Collaboration: Aviv Kruglanski
Swearing the Flag
(07/2008 - 07/2008)
Barcelona, Spain
combining wide and narrow red and yellow stripes in skirt design for the occasion of receiving spanish nationality
Presesented at: none
Collaboration: VR
Cairo Integration Diary
(05/2008 - 07/2008)
Cairo, Egypt
Evidence of day by day integration into Cairo everydayness.
Presesented at: Contemporarry Image Collective
Living Outside
(05/2008 - --/--)

Prehistoric Pottery
(04/2008 - 01/1995)
Bristol, Leigh Woods, UK
learnig techniques from materials
Empty your symbols
(12/2007 - 01/2008)
--, India
emptying the symbols of their powerfull meanings by emboidering them as a clothes decoration
Presesented at: --
State Aesthetics
(12/2007 - --/--)
--, --
Aesthetics in service of the politics
Presesented at: --
Plastic Bag
(12/2007 - 01/2010)
Belgrade / New Delhi / Cairo, --
Rule your consumerism transforming plastic bags into objects of value
Presesented at: --
Oluja i povratak kuci i druge strasne price za decu
(08/2007 - 02/2010)
Belgrade, Croatia
how lived experience is transfered into fantastic stories?
Presesented at: Zvono Gallery
Travel to Primislje
(08/2007 - --/--)
Primislje, Croatia
exploring relations that tie humans and landscape when the testimonials and material evidences of it had dissappeared.
(07/2007 - 12/2012)
Lexicon to the Provisional Futures Contribution
(07/2007 - 07/2007)
Skopje, Macedonia
Making deffinitions of new concepts found during the expedition trough Western Balkans.
Presesented at: Lost Highway Expedition
ROTORRRETRO / 1st rotation
(07/2007 - 02/2009)
Reggio Emilia, Italy
Rotor is celebrating the first rotation putting its practices and methodologies togather in Manuals for Ground, Water and Air.
Presesented at: Dispari e Dispari projects
Collaboration: ROTOR
Embroided Diaries
(06/2007 - --/1975)
Rio Chanza, Ancona-Skopje, Primislje, Mljet, Syros, The most remarcable events that happened in the course of time are being coded in stitches.
Presesented at: KCB, Belgrade; Nizio Gallery, Warszaw
Rotor Manuals for Terrae, Aqua & Air
(06/2007 - 03/2009)
Barcelona, Gijon, Spain
Making an evaluation of the 7 years of working togather in RoToR
Presesented at: After Architecture, Santa Mónica; Encuentro de Cartografia Ciudadana, Gijon
Collaboration: RoToR
Hand Stand Lessons
(05/2007 - --/open)
changing the perspective while getting improved in physical practice of inverted position
Presesented at: Luminous Green
Bestia urbana
(05/2007 - 06/2007)
Barcelona, Spain
exploration, performans
Presesented at: Hangar
Drawing Research
(04/2007 - 04/2007)
Porto Alegre, Brasil
drawing things to understand
Presesented at: Bienal de Mercosur
Fiskultura Urbana
(11/2006 - 04/2007)
Barcelona, Spain
Weekly lessons of Urban Physculture at the Pirate University of Barcelona
Presesented at: Universitat Pirata
Instant Ladder Test #01
(10/2006 - 10/2006)
Paris, France
Construction d' un escalier dans le jardin avec les habitants
Presesented at: ECOBOX, Community garden of La Chapelle neighbourhood
Collaboration: ROTOR
(09/2006 - 09/2006)
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Construction of Cryptographic Machine out of the sequences filmed on the route
Presesented at: Glowlab Festival, Brooklyn
Collaboration: BETA4= RoToR + Dionís Escorsa + Charlenric Simon
Disputed Histories
(08/2006 - //open)
Novi Sad / Belgrade, Serbia
How national collective identities are engineered trough history text book narratives?
(08/2005 - 08/2005)
Barcelona, acracia
Everything solid vanish in the air. What does it mean to talk about autonomia aerea
Presesented at: Festival de AutonomiAereA
Collaboration: RoToR + Dionis Escorsa
(08/2004 - 08/2008)
Brussells, Belgium
Society board game for exercising class struggles in the city of Bruxelles
Presesented at: Plein Open Air Festival
Collaboration: ROTOR
(05/2004 - 10/2004)
Barcelona, Spain
adventurous routes of mobility over the rooftops in Barcelona; organization of
Presesented at: Quorum, Capella del Antic Hospital, Barcelona
Collaboration: Alt_terats = RoToR + Dionis Escorsa
(05/2004 - 11/2004)
barcelona, poblenou, spain
building a community park with a neighbours on a wasteland
Presesented at: parc atacs, col.legi d'arquitectes de barcelona
Collaboration: CITYMIDE(D) / CONTEXT / ROTOR
(04/2004 - 04/2004)
Madrid, Spain
mobil telephony open access experiment
Presesented at: Mira como se mueven, Fundación Telefonica, Madrid
Collaboration: ROTOR
GPSm (manual GPS)
(04/2004 - 02/2005)
Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Spain
virtual and real urban orientation topography game
Presesented at: ARCO 2005, Madrid
Collaboration: ROTOR
Cantar el carrer
(02/2004 - 03/2004)
Terassa, Spain
elaboration of audio city guide of Terassa
Presesented at: P.O. Processos Oberts, Terassa
Collaboration: ROTOR
Tant caps - tant barrets
(11/2003 - 11/2003)
Barcelona, Spain
thunder action
Presesented at: Real estate fair
Collaboration: Cartografo Salvaje / ROTOR
(10/2003 - 12/2003)
barcelona, spain
elaboration of map interface for navigation trough the image database
Presesented at: Maps for Desorientation, Mediateca, Caixa Forum, Barcelona
Collaboration: ROTOR
Planariae POBLE NOW (3rd)
(07/2003 - 07/2004)
barcelona, poblenou, spain
Adventurous routes, elaboration of the map
Presesented at: Despres de las Noticias, CCCB, Barcelona /
Collaboration: ROTOR
Gira la Barrera // Turn the barierre
(05/2003 - 07/2004)
Barcelona /Züric / Bristol, Spain
construction of raft out of recycled construction material
Presesented at: La Capella, BCN; Museo Maritimo, Bcn / Museop do Mar, Vigo, Aire Incondicional, Züric; Urban Manuovres, Bristol, CC Barceloneta, BCN
Collaboration: Tripulación Pionera (Pioneer Crew) = Rotor+ Marcello Arosio + Anita Serrano
Schengen sin esfuerzo
(12/2002 - 12/2008)
Barcelona / Belgrade / Bruxelles, UE
Step by step matering bureaucratic tasks in order to get EU citizenship for
Presesented at: Ittaca Final Presentation, Bruxelles; Eyebeam; Fadaiat; CZKD;
(07/2002 - 08/2003)
barcelona, poblenou, spain
Opening Safari routs to the public with new adventurous map of PobleNow. 1:1
Presesented at: Millor Cell de Barcelona, Can Felipa, Barcelona
Collaboration: ROTOR
Olympiada Escultorica 2002
(05/2002 - 04/2003)
barcelona, spain
Celebrating 10th anniversary of Barcelona Olympic Games with Sculpture climbing
Presesented at: San Jordi
Collaboration: ROTOR
(10/2001 - 01/2005)
Belgrade, Serbia
My grandmother made a handy bag for people in need giving repurposing the USA
Presesented at: NCSU, Bristol / Use no hooks, Tarragona
(09/2001 - --/open)
Europe, Europe
With a year 2000 accross European continent started to spread a new naming a
POBLE NOW Explorations (1st) / Zona ex-obrera en obras
(08/2001 - 06/2002)
Barcelona, Spain
opening adventurous routes in the city area undergoing transformations
Presesented at: Hangar Obert, Barcelona
Collaboration: ROTOR
Journee dans le Frontiere
(07/2001 - 06/2007)

Anti-interactive instalation based on the story of the singing frog
(10/2000 - 01/2010)
Barcelona, Spain
anti-interactive instalation
Presesented at: Galería Claramunt
Secondary Events
(06/2000 - 07/2000)
Vrsac, Sebia
time train
Presesented at: Biennal of Young
Matching the shoes
(07/1999 - 07/1999)
Belgrade, Serbia
materialisation of the border between the dream and daylight
Presesented at: Travelling and the magical garden, FLU Gallery
(12/1998 - 05/2000)
Barcelona, Spain
capturing light radiation on photographic paper
Presesented at: Travelling and the magical garden, FLU Gallery
(09/1996 - 12/1997)
Belgrade, Serbia

Presesented at: Galerija Doma Omladine
(01/1995 - 01/1996)
Belgrade, Serbia
representation of the divine events - weight of colour
Presesented at: Fine Arts Faculty

RoToR = Vahida Ramujkic + Laïa Sadurní

Tripulacion pionera = RoToR + Marcello Arosio + Anita Serrano

AlTTeraTs = RoToR + Dionis Escorsa